Nacimiento Rd. 1 lane Blocked

9 am – there is a tree down on Nacimiento. While the CHP website says SR1 and Nacimiento, that is just the nearest cross street. So it could be anywhere. MoCo Rds come from San Ardo, so it could be a while.

Incident: 00093 Type: Traffic Hazard Location: Nacimiento Fergusson Rd / Sr1 Loc Desc: Lat/Lon: 35.988672 -121.494108
Detail Information
9:15 AM 2 [5] PER A8-040 START CORDS / 1039 MONTY CORDS
9:00 AM 1 [2] TREE DOWN / 1125 1 LN

9 thoughts on “Nacimiento Rd. 1 lane Blocked

  1. Should be interesting to see the response time. Don’t recall the “convey schedule”… they’re not backing those big trucks up. Although it would be a good reality check for them if they were stuck there. Maybe then the powers that be would understand the “only way out” situation clearer.

  2. Kate,

    Can you imagine an ERT team having to wait for another agency like this to remove this hazard from a roadway during an emergency call?

  3. Chainsaws. That’s part of the “reality check” – realizing what is needed BEFORE it is needed.
    There is no alternate route and trees fall. So here’s hoping no ERT or chainsaws are needed… but if they are…..

  4. Kate-
    Speaking of USFS, do you know if the station at the summit is manned 24/7 now? That would be good to know, in case someone has an emergency while traveling the Nac or spots a fire along the way.

  5. Most people go to the store and bring their shopping list and coupons… you guys bring your over night bag and a chainsaw! lol

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