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This is now THE BEST source of information available with status updates on all 3 fires, links to all sorts of available fire information. I’d start here:

***Please consider a donation to the Weston Call Fund, a part of the Community Foundation of Monterey County. The website is:

***And don’t forget our own amazing volunteer fire department:

***And our own Big Sur Health Center here:


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HELPING THE INJURED FIREFIGHTERS FROM NACIMIENTO STATION – you can support an organization who is always there for wildland firefighters below.

My name is Mark vonTillow. I am the director of outreach at the foundation. I received an email from Diane Cross about your interest in helping the firefighters at Nacimiento station. We have been working with those firefighters to replace some basic needs as well as some cash to get by until they can get their affairs in order. Also we are working with a boot company to get them new boots. Among many other things we are securing new gear for them as well. If your group would like to donate to the foundation, it would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call or email me.
Mark vonTillowDirector of OutreachWildland Firefighter Foundationmark@wffoundation.org805-245-9701

CABS has set up a fund to help these brave men and women of the Nacimiento Station. If you want to help these heroes financially or earmark your donation for post fire recovery for those who have sustained losses due to the allegedly arson-caused Dolan Fire, go to the donation page on their website, or send a check with “Firefighters” in the memo to CABS at POB 59, Big Sur, CA 93920. They already provided 14 of the 15 firefighters in the burn over incident $2,000. Good job, CABS! Http://


Public Information Phone: (831) 272-0222

Incident E-mail:

Incident Website:


16 thoughts on “Fire Info (sticky)

  1. I 2nd the THANK YOU, FIREFIGHTERS! There can be no harder job than fighting fires with the risk they take and the sheer hard work it is. They deserve a pay raise, no matter what they’re earning now!

    Thanks to you, Kate for all your great information that I heavily rely on.
    I hope this weather coming in is kind to CA.!

  2. Truly gratitude abounds for the work you do, Kate. And for all the support we are receiving from law enforcement and firefighters. A heart full of gratitude for you all.

  3. Thank you for all the work you put in to this blog Kate. I live in Cambria and hugely appreciate all the information you supply to those of us that are concerned about Big Sur. I love our beautiful coastline. Thank you, thank you, thank you and stay safe! If there’s anything you ever need from down here let me know!
    Teleri W.
    Main St.

  4. Kate, I know you are ready to take action as needed to take care of yourself and pups. Don’t wait too long.

  5. Thank you so much for the information you provide, I’m watching this one close, hoping it doesn’t make it your way and down to Willow where my family’s old mine claim is. I already lost my cabin in the CZU…fingers crossed for you all.
    Take care and be safe!

  6. I have never seen a fire start up north and make it to Willow. They would use my ridge as a fire break first. They did it in 1996 with the Wild Fire.

  7. Yes, please do ask should you need anything. You perform such a valuable service to all of us who live here in Big Sur. Your blog is the place I go to find complete, non-sensational information with a very human touch. I will pray for you and your family and all our neighbors that may be in harm’s way. And for the firefighters who give so much for us.

  8. Thank you. My husband is on this fire and we are trying to follow. 😇 We have camped with our boys out there.. so beautiful 😢

  9. Hi there Kate,
    I met your lad at the Hermatoid a few years back when visiting.

    Can anyone email if the Hermitage is OK please?
    I’m Simon,

    Good luck and good health,

    Simon F

  10. Thank you for your time and energy in keeping this blog going. The lack of info as regards our neighbors to the north is startlingly lacking. I wish y’all well and be safe.
    Robin SLO

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