USFS Visitor Use Management Meetings

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The USFS VUM Story Map website is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for this inconvenience but understand it will be back online soon.

In the meantime, to better prepare everyone for the upcoming VUM meetings – August 3rd, 8th and 10th – here is a Summary Overview of Potential Management Strategies and Actions that came from community input these last two years.

Please attend one of the VUM meetings to help design what the future management of our Public Lands will look like for generations to come. We look forward to your participation!Summary Overview of Potential Management Strategies and Actions
Coastal Zone Visitor Use Management Planning
Management strategies for visitor use management generally involve modifying type of use, visitor behavior, visitor attitudes and expectations, timing of use, location of use, or spatial distribution of use; increasing the ability of sites to handle use or reducing use or increasing the supply.

The three fundamental categories of management actions include: (1) site management/engineering, (2) information and education, and (3) regulation/enforcement.

  • Policies and procedures for emergency closures
  • Seasonal or year-round fire restrictions for high-risk areas and seasonal post-fire recovery closures
  • Accessible facilities
  • Increased law enforcement and field staff presence/increased collaboration with other agency law enforcement
  • Increased fines for illegal campfires
  • Call-in line for locals for reporting
  • Information, interpretation, and sign plan for area
  • Guided tour opportunities
  • Informational videos, ambassadors, and targeted education on camping, challenges, other trails available and less busy times to visit.
  • Shuttle bus system or other parking options.
  • Overnight permit system.
  • Vehicle barriers and boundary signs
  • Designated campsites on Pine Ridge trail with campsite capacities
  • Master plan for Brazil Ranch that could include future recreational opportunities.
  • Information and education for Sycamore Canyon Road including signs when parking is limited and road conditions.
  • Increased cultural heritage interpretation.
    Increase staffing at the Multi Agency Facility (MAF)
  • Shuttle or reservation system at Pfeiffer Beach
  • Safety protocols for closures at developed sites
  • Improved or increased facility capacity (bathrooms, bear proof cans)
  • Increase availability of pre-planning trip information and training
  • Increase on-site information through kiosks and other methods.
  • Provide focused education on reducing impacts from large events and road use.
  • Improve coordination with other providers for real-time camping availability.
  • Consider options to increase campsite availability near developed campgrounds or other developed areas and identify overflow opportunities with other providers.
  • Designate sustainable dispersed campsites.
  • Install facilities and barriers where needed.
  • Identify road capacity and maintenance needs.
  • Seasonal or yearlong fire restrictions, day or night limitations on use, and increased enforcement
  • Update and increase visitor information on site and in specific locations.
  • Create a Salmon Creek master plan for best use of the site.
  • Seasonal or other restrictions for San Carpoforo Beach to address impacts.
  • Look for opportunities to increase facilities, camping,

3 thoughts on “USFS Visitor Use Management Meetings

  1. I don’t see anything about Mt Reyes chaparral removal. Did they leave that off intentionally?

  2. some solution for the Old Coast Rd at Bixby…the visitor traffic is quite dangerous and a free for all.

  3. W asks about Reyes Peak. The details with links to maps are in the Comments of Kate’s previous blog post.
    Kira asks about Bixby. I think the jurisdiction there is not the Forest Service. It’s Monterey County and Cal Trans. Others may know for sure.
    The Visitor Use Management meetings for the Los Padres Monterey District look promising!

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