Sunday Photos, 11/19/23

I found these hanging in the hallway of the VA Hospital in Palo Alto, CA. To illustrate the extent of Rock Knocker’s TBI/dementia, I stopped at the Pacific Valley Center photo and asked him if he recognized it. No, he did not. When I told him where it was, he said, okay, now I recognize it.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Photos, 11/19/23

  1. I really enjoy your posts Kate. Though I live two hours south of Big Sur and only get up there a few times a year, my mind goes there almost daily and I appreciate your updates on all things Big Sur.

  2. I’m with Vivian … healing energy 🔥plus we never know what the future will bring but to have a friend like you would be a comfort

  3. When he was on flag duty ,he gesticulated, waved and bowed gracefully ,flirting with selected women. As needed he’d flag cars to a stop so heavy equipment could work across the road. He’d often come and explain the hold up and charm the tourists.
    He was ” The Toreador of Highway One” for us.

  4. I used to work at Pacific Valley store, many years ago and loved the vibrant flowers beneath the Cafe! So sorry for your friend’s dementia.

  5. Hi Kate,
    Photos can sometimes invoke deep memories, and that may be the case with the Pacific Valley photos. Many years ago Ralph bought one of my photo prints–Big Sur Bicycles racers–at the Ragged Point Shop as a gift for his brother. The image is somewhere in my archive, so I could find it and send it to you if you want … maybe Ralph will recognize it.
    BTW, he did photography work when he was in the military, and we occasionally talked about technical photography techniques .

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