Fire on Pfeiffer Ridge

4:00 pm – Hi Kate – just a couple of things from this end to share with folks –

Can we encourage folks to sign up for public safety notifications AlertMontereyCounty – this is the system that people can get emergency notifications via cell phone (like reverse 9-1-1). When the emergency notice went out overnight to folks in the fire area, we noted that only 125 people where signed up for that area, and there are likely more would want it. Here is the link

Also – Red Cross and SPCA want to make sure evacuees know that the shelter is up and running at the Grange, folks who evacuated can get meals, services there – pets welcome and will be housed by SPCA on site.

CalFire folks say smoke this afternoon did prevent the air tankers from dropping retardent in the most active areas of the fire but helicopters were still able to do water drops.

Maia Carroll (MoCo Communications)

For spot weather reports on the fire area, see here:

2:00 pm – (Kate) Cal Fire reports 500 acres, 15homes lost. Reader/observer reports it jumped the road on lower Pfeiffer Ridge and is heading west. Cal Fire working on strategy. Both Debbie and I are working on moderating all new comments, but some seem to be speculation about who’s house has burned, and unless confirmed, we are not approving those. Lots to keep up with. Do have photos, and will try to post what I can when I can.

8:30 am – (Kate) I am monitoring the situation, and it is not good. I am having serious Internet difficulties, but will keep trying. Comments by people who have never commented before must be approved, which I am trying to do, and there are a lot of them. Debbie is in the thick of things, so can’t help much. If you have commented before, please keep us all posted, but not at peril to yourself!

I was woken up at 3:00 to news there is a fire on Pfeiffer Ridge.  Outside my house I can smell the smoke and see a fire glow.  Tried to get ahold of Kate which will be your best resource.  Just a heads up for all.  Getting ready to head into work to see if they need our heavy equipment.  No doubt Teyve is already on it.  Prays to our neighbors.


April 17th – Latest update

9:30 p.m. – Details are a bit sketchy, but a suspect in a Boulder Creek robbery, with warrants out of Sonoma and Monterey County for robbery and burglary, had eluded police so far tonight, but according to my sources has been down here since last night, approaching friends of mine at the Pub last night, pulling a knife on several locals last night and this morning, as well as accosting a couple of women early this morning near Nepenthe.  Current reports are that this fugitive, reportedly Dimitri Storm, led police on a high speed chase, and then went into Palo Colorado Canyon.

At this time, Wednesday at 9:30 pm, reports are still coming in, and information cannot be confirmed, although some of my sources had contact with this individual, and other sources are with law enforcement.

More information as it becomes available.

Bigsurkate Battles Power and Cellular, and is winning…

I have been struggling with power AND cellular issues, so I’ve been doing a little troubleshooting, lately.  On the solar power issue, I’ve resolved that.

Somehow or another, although my dog sitter denies ANY involvement whatsoever – really, no one else was here, using power, or opening up the power unit – but in any event, somehow or another, my battery was run down to 9 v. not enough to run the inverter or the charge control.  When I returned home from Quartzite, the power switch to the PV panels was turned off, so no charging from the sun the whole time I was gone, or just about anyway.  It was on when I left.  I got an expensive high zoot 6-12-24 v. battery charger that is damn smart, as well as expensive.  Today we put it on the solar battery for four hours and got it charged up enough to run the inverter and charge control, so now I am running the gennie to run and charge the solar unit, so my house is on 24 hour power again.  That is really nice.  I had brought out all my back-ups – candles, oil lamps and battery operated lights, yesterday.  I put them all away today.

As to the cellular booster, I asked Rock Knocker to rotate it, as I could see it was not pointing in the right direction.  That’s when we discovered that coaxial cable connecting the outdoor antenna to the indoor box, which then connects up to the indoor antenna, was completely severed through.  Lord only knows when that happened – which wind storm or whatever.  That certainly explains my internet problems!  Anyway, now it is only a matter of going to Radio Shack or similar to see about getting a new connector.  Rock Knocker says a whole new 50′ length of coaxial, but I seem to recall there is a connector that can simply be screwed on to the old piece of coaxial.  If I could surf the Internet, I’m sure I could find it.

So, one system down and one to go.  Then I have photos of the snow Friday, new Missy photos and stories, and the usual tales from the top of my mountain, where life is always interesting!

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