Loving Big Sur to Death – Photos 2016

12/30/16 by Nadine Clark:

The reason it took me almost an hour to get home….she was out of the sunroof from Garrapata until it started to rain in the valley, 30 mph, waving at passing cars. Where’s a CHP or Sheriff when you need them…


12/27/16 Bixby by Martha Diehl:


12/2/16 Bixby by Martha Diehl


10/24/16, just south of Big Creek, photo by Brendon Shave


10/10/16 at MM 42.4 in a turn out near his home, photo by Marcus Foster:


10/1/16 Saturday, on her way to work by Lisa Husby:


9/27/16 on her way to work, just north of Bixby Bridge, photo by Selena Nevarez Perez who writes:

“So this genius thought it was appropriate to park in the middle of the highway to see Bixby… he even locked the car before he went to site-see. All the cars in front of us had to literally go around into the northbound lane when there was a break in oncoming traffic… Once my friend laid on the horn he acknowledged it was his car, pointed to his watch, not sure if he was trying to tell us he was only there for a minute or what and then when everyone was staring at him he decided he’d get back to his car and his passengers followed suit… I swear I had seen it all but this one took the cake…”


9/30/16 at Old Coast Road and Bixby, photos by Martha Diehl, who writes: ” Once again the roadway was completely blocked and it was not possible to reach the highway. I got out of my car and asked the tour driver (vehicle with trailer) to move: she responded that she would only be there a few minutes. When I then got out the camera she pulled forward to the bus stop. I then hollered at the crowd to find the operator of the next car: he came to move that. Couldnt find the prius driver. Meanwhile northbound vehicles continued to try to turn in only to find themselves blocked from forward progress halfway, thus stopping traffic on the highway. Eventually there was enough of a space so I could leave….


8/10/16 at Little Sur, photo by Mike Gilson:


Illegal Camping with Malice aforethought on Old Coast Rd. by brian decamp on 8/4/16:


Old Coast Road, 7/21/16, photo by Martha Diehl, port a potty part of a film shoot Cal-Trans okayed for OCR, over which it has ABSOLUTELY NO AUTHORITY!


Pizza and Beer,  anyone? Photo by Rachael Moody, 7/18/16, on Old Coast RD. At MM 10.3:


Patrice and Perry picking up trash, 7/15/16:


Plaskett Ridge RD. 7/12/16, photo by Big Sur Kate – note the fences and posts and various attempts by the USFS to keep people off the ridges to avoid degradation of resources. There were a total of 6 vehicles up there this day:


Just North of Capt Cooper School Driveway, 7/12/16, photo by Adam Slawter (for some reason this one disappeared. If I find it, I will post it.)


This is across from the driveway to the South 40 just north of Hurricane Point. Photo by Mike Morales, taken 6/28/16.


Old Coast RD at Bixby, again, June 10, 2016, photo by Martha Diehl.


The Photograph below is Old Coast Road at Bixby. You will note the stop sign is completely blocked. The photographer, Martha Diehl, spoke with the bus driver, but was met with disdain. This was taken, Monday, June 6, 2016.


Trash on Plaskett at Cowabunga, first week in June. Photo by Bigsurkate.


Trash on turnout just south of Coast Gallery, first week in June. Photographer is Adam Slawter.


Sunday, May 29, 2016, JPBurns, by Jon Knight


Memorial Day Weekend, 2016, Garrapata State Beach, photo by Jeremy Slate


Memorial Day Weekend, 2016, Nacimiento RD., Prewitt Ridge, Plaskett Ridge Rd. – Photos by bigsurkate


Memorial Day Weekend, 2016 JP Burns State Park & Anderson Canyon – Photos by Jon Knight

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