The Wild Fire of 1996, part 1

I was going through some things, photos, notes, albums, for an upcoming video interview, and also found my journal from the Wild Fire of 1996. Twenty-Two years ago, and my first fire up here. I thought I would produce a bit of it here…a bit at a time…

Wednesday, Oct 9, 1996 at 12:30 pm –

At 10:30 pm on Monday evening, an arsonist threw a flare up Wild Cattle from Highway One. Rock Knocker was a sleep. I was watching a movie. I heard it on the CB. We turned on the scanner and listened to both until about midnight, then took off for Prewitt and watched the fire grow.

Mary Wargo lost her place, as did Helga and Gael Cunningham. Peter’s barn burned, but his house is okay for now. The Withrow’s are threatened, but I think Rocky & Geri are okay. All the structures at Mill Creek are threatened.

A fire truck hit me or I hit her, coming around a blind corner on my property. I was in my Range Rover. The Range Rover won. (To be continued…)

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