Cal Trans Anticipating Weather Events

“When significant storms are forecasted by NOAA, we will be sending a 48-hour  traffic advisory to our Hwy. 1 group to be ready just in case the roadway needs to close due to an expected significant storm—this will allow prep work, stocking supplies, making plans, etc. At the 24-hour mark, we’ll send a traffic advisory either confirming or cancelling the full closure. This 48/24 hour notices apply only to Paul’s Slide and Mud Creek—each closure treated separately (two separate closures, one may open, the other may not, depending on assessment). We have Geotech, Maintenance and Construction lined up to inspect/clean up the following morning. There will be gates (being installed as we speak) both at Mud Creek and Paul’s Slide that will be locked, no padlocks. These gates will not be manned. No one, including Emergency Services or our own employees will be allowed to go through until a proper assessment can be made, any cleanup necessary done and the roadway safe to travel again.” (I requested this from Susana Cruz after the BSMAAC announcement by Sarah. A more formal public announcement will be made next week.) Thank you, Susana!