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This is now THE BEST source of information available with status updates on all 3 fires, links to all sorts of available fire information. I’d start here:

***Please consider a donation to the Weston Call Fund, a part of the Community Foundation of Monterey County. The website is:

***And don’t forget our own amazing volunteer fire department:

***And our own Big Sur Health Center here:


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HELPING THE INJURED FIREFIGHTERS FROM NACIMIENTO STATION – you can support an organization who is always there for wildland firefighters below.

My name is Mark vonTillow. I am the director of outreach at the foundation. I received an email from Diane Cross about your interest in helping the firefighters at Nacimiento station. We have been working with those firefighters to replace some basic needs as well as some cash to get by until they can get their affairs in order. Also we are working with a boot company to get them new boots. Among many other things we are securing new gear for them as well. If your group would like to donate to the foundation, it would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call or email me.
Mark vonTillowDirector of OutreachWildland Firefighter Foundationmark@wffoundation.org805-245-9701

CABS has set up a fund to help these brave men and women of the Nacimiento Station. If you want to help these heroes financially or earmark your donation for post fire recovery for those who have sustained losses due to the allegedly arson-caused Dolan Fire, go to the donation page on their website, or send a check with “Firefighters” in the memo to CABS at POB 59, Big Sur, CA 93920. They already provided 14 of the 15 firefighters in the burn over incident $2,000. Good job, CABS! Http://


Public Information Phone: (831) 272-0222

Incident E-mail:

Incident Website:


Last night’s plume

I know. I am done, so done with the fire, but it doesn’t want to be done with me. Last night’s plume visible from apparently just about everywhere came from a “green island” well inside the containment lines, and not a threat to any structures or similar resources. Of course, always a threat to the critters’s resources — homes and habitats. I am told this was between Nacimiento Campground and the little bridge. Hard to tell in the dark. (Photo by Geri Baird)

Last Dolan Fire, day 42, 9/29/20

We are now 85% contained, all evacuation orders lifted, and all but one warning lifted, so it is time for me to put this series to bed, hoping that there will not be cause to post again re fires this season. We can expect highway problems this winter, probably several pockets of isolation for a time, so prepare accordingly.

Dolan Fire — Evacuation Warnings Lifted; Evacuation Order downgraded to Warning

This is a notification from Alert Monterey County:

Dolan Fire – Effective immediately-The Evacuation WARNINGS have been lifted for Zones: 26, 24, B2- Lucia South, J-Prewitt Ridge Area, K-South Coast Ridge Rd.  Zone 27 has been downgraded to WARNING.

As a reminder an “Evacuation WARNING” (i.e. sometimes used interchangeably with the term “Advisory”) means those in a specific area/zone should be prepared to evacuate at any time. You do not need to leave your home at this time but please be alert and prepared to leave if an evacuation order is called.

If you feel that your life is in danger, do not wait for an emergency notification.Click here for more information on this alert.

Photo Sunday

The wind is changing and the temps are increasing and the humidity is decreasing. I am paying attention today, but also trying to take the day off from the Dolan Fire. It is Day 40 and I want to take it off. I need to take it off. So unless something happens I need to report on, this is what I am doing today.

Phase I fire clean-up

Phase 1 Wildfire Clean Up to Begin September 28th. Opt out time period for this service ends September 25th

Phase 1 clean-up of properties which suffered wildfire damage in Monterey County is expected to begin September 28th and take 4-6 weeks.

The government sponsored Debris Removal Program clean-up process is coordinated with State and Federal partners and is a free service to help home and property owners remove hazardous debris so that rebuilding can begin.

Phase 1 includes the removal of hazardous waste generated and remaining on the property by recent fires and is done by expert teams from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These teams have the equipment and training to remove waste such as car batteries, herbicides, pesticides, propane tanks, asbestos siding, paints and e-waste, and will safely dispose of what is collected. It is important to note that these teams are solely focused on debris removal. No assessment about the permit status or other code related issues of any site or remaining structures on a property is part of this work.

All property owners with damaged property will be provided this clean up service and are automatically enrolled in the program; no further action is required. Homeowners may choose to opt out of this free service and hire a private contractor for this work. Those wishing to do so, must make that decision by 5:00 p.m. Friday, September 25th. More information: