Another Heat Advisory, 6/17/21

Advisory: Excessive Heat Warning

Excessive Heat Warning Location: Cities of Greenfield and King City, Interior Monterey County, Southern Salinas Valley, Arroyo Seco, Lake San Antonio, Santa Lucia Mountains, Los Padres National Forest, Pinnacles National Park Duration: 6/17/2021 11:00 AM to 6/18/2021 1:00 PM Description: Excessive Heat Warning means dangerously hot conditions with temperatures from 98 to 108 expected. More Info:

Drone Footage by @CaltransD5 of Rat Creek

COVID-19 comes to Big Sur

***I have turned off comments for this post. It doesn’t matter which restaurant. Since this published, I have heard of several others, but not verified. Cars packed all parking lots and along both sides of the highway from Nepenthe to River Inn Saturday. Lots of out of state plates. Whichever businesses that did not have it before, will in the next few weeks. It will spread all up and down the coast as it has along every major artery along the east coast, thru the south and in the west and mid-west. As Sharen Carey says, “Assume it is here and act accordingly.” Now we know it is. Make your own choices for you, but always wear a mask for others.***

Big Sur went over three months without a single case of coronavirus. The quarantines, social distancing and masks had worked, but it couldn’t stay closed forever. The closure was taking its toll on businesses and employees. And so, like the rest of Monterey County, and the State of California, we opened in stages.

After restaurants were opened for indoors dining, a restaurant was informed by an employee that s/he had tested positive for the virus on Thursday. The restaurant immediately implemented all workplace exposure guidelines put out by the Monterey Health Department and notified them. The restaurant also told the employee to stay home until cleared by his/her health care provider.

Friday evening, a notice went out to all employees about the exposure. Testing was implemented on any employee who may have been within six feet of the employee for 15 minutes or more. Every guideline was met and implemented.

I contacted the manager of the restaurant for any further information early this morning, but he did not respond. I also contacted two other Big Sur businesses to see if the restaurant manager had provided any information to them, and neither was aware that COVID-19 had shown up in Big Sur.

I contacted Sharen Carey, Executive Director of the Big Sur Health Center who told me that there are currently two cases of COVID in Big Sur. Of course, due to privacy concerns, no further information is available about either case.

We will probably never know if this case was caught from a visitor outside the area, from a family or friend, or while in town. There are many variables that come into play. As Sharen Carey has been telling us for three months, assume it is here, and act accordingly. Implement social distancing, wear masks, and stay home if sick or high risk.

Sometimes, I have to wonder if I will ever get to visit my favorite Big Sur places again. I miss them, and my friends. I don’t think being a hermit becomes me.

For insight into other rural “gateway” communities facing this pandemic and the need to open to survive, see:\


Storm Waves…

29E2512E-6C93-4971-BE5E-5B0DDCE437B3I will be interested in seeing how the predicted storm waves of today will impact the sea wall at Mud Creek.






The water you see above (shiny spot) is from waves pounding OVER the sea wall. The sea wall has taken a beating, even before this storm and today’s monster waves! Love to see it tomorrow.

Incoming Storm System, 12/15/18

From NOAA Forecast Discussion - button up!
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I hate when wp decides to change what works for something that doesn’t)
”Unlike previous storm system this one will have plenty of moisture to work with.
Latest TPW imagery puts values of 1-1.5" or 150-200% percent of normal.
Simply put there is moisture to work with.
Atmospheric River guidance has been rather consistent
for several days now indicating IVT over 500 kg/m/s,
which would fall into the moderate category
and be one of the stronger ARs of the 2018 season.

Once the upper level TROUGH arrives Sunday afternoon it will
help to push the FRONT through the region.
Additionally, the upper level TROUGH will increase upper level support and increase overall INSTABILITY.
Model guidance shows rather decent surface and mid- level INSTABILITY Sunday afternoon through early Monday.
Decided to add a 15-20% CHC of thunderstorms with the FROPA.
It should be noted that the Storm Prediction Center
has a large portion of CA in a general mention
of thunder Sunday into Monday.
Given the landfalling AR and convective potential
there could be a brief period of moderate to heavy rainfall
leading to minor flooding/ponding on roads and urban areas.
A more showery regime will set up late Sunday night over northern areas behind the FRONT and then slowly spread S and E Monday afternoon.
Rainfall totals tonight through Monday will be greatest over the North Bay and coastal mountains 1-3" - locally 3+" North Bay Peaks and Santa Lucias.”
Repeat: Locally, over 3” in the Santa Lucias.

Photo Sunday, 12/9/18

I found this sweet book I want to share with you. It is full of historical photos of the South Coast. It was written by Stanley Harlan, younger brother of Don Harlan, the original road warrior. Stanley is now 91 and living in Monterey. It is available on


Highway 1 to open by noon today, 11/30/18



MONTEREY COUNTY —After two days of significant storm activity, Caltrans’ Geotechnical Design, Construction and Maintenance staff investigated site conditions this morning. Although crews are still working, the plan is to reopen the road in the areas of Mud Creek (PM 8.9) and Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6) on State Route 1 in the Big Sur area by 12 noon today, Friday, Nov. 30.

Caltrans’ Geotech, Maintenance and Construction units will continue to be on call and prepared to inspect/clean up during the daylight hours following each storm when it is safe to be onsite again. Caltrans’ intent is to open the roadway as quickly and safely as possible and our staff remains on-call 24/7.

Reminder: When significant storms are forecasted by NOAA, the continuing protocol will be to send a 48-hour traffic advisory for the public to be ready in case the roadway needs to close due to an expected significant storm. This will allow time for the public to prepare for the closure, stock up on necessary supplies and make plans. At the 24-hour mark, we will send a traffic advisory either confirming the full closure or providing additional information. These 48 and 24-hour notices apply only to Paul’s Slide and Mud Creek—each closure will be treated separately (two separate closures, one may open, the other may not, depending on assessment).