5 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 6/13/21

  1. Oh my Kate, this a most impactful, yet beautiful poster! The Black & White tones present exceptionally well, conveying this All important message to all! Kudo’s! I hope this travels far & wide, including onto full-page ads in local & beyond, papers & magazines!
    Bless Big Sur

  2. As an out-of-state traveler and great California admirer, this is a great piece. Your home area is so iconic and picturesque, whatever you can do to preserve and maintain your own sanity among the throws of egotistical visitors is more than welcoming from us. Peace and joy for all of you!

  3. Just got in from a beach jog and saw this. Picked up almost a dozen cigarette butts, four beer cans melted from the fire they were thrown in, two empty water bottles, and an empty pack of American Spirit cancer sticks.

    And there’s hope for humanity because why? Can someone please remind me?

  4. That could easily apply to our entire coastline. There are times I would be tempted to hit folks on the head with it… attached at the end of a 2X4! 🥴

  5. Thank you Kate! You’re a great steward of Earth’s most sacred coastline.

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