8 thoughts on “Monday Morning Coffee: The Big Sur, a Guide to Highway One

  1. “refrain from littering the road with beer cans and rubbish. There is also a constant fire hazard…”

    This oughta be good. Have never seen this periodical.
    Some things don’t change much after a century.

  2. Always thought it was just plain old “Restaurant” never heard of it ever being a lodge. It was owned and operated by Jack Currier & Al Moraz and it was fine dining at its best …

  3. This new arm of your work is truly special. Thank you. Learning the history and personal stories is beyond price. There was a grange mtg about 20 odd years ago when the historical society showed a vcr tape of an interview with Lulu (??Harlan I believe???) in her later years by a couple of high schoolers.It was beyond belief and beautiful.She was head down and tired during the interview but at one point they asked her about breakfast and she looked up, smiled and spoke of homemade biscuits with “honey we stole from the bees”. Beyond beautiful. Somehow these things should be in all our hearts and shared… keeping the spirit alive even now. Thank you so much. If it has been transcribed maybe you could share it? Thanks again!

  4. Thanks for al you do. Wonderful history here. You might try “Genius Scan” to take pictures of paper things. It’s free!!
    Larry McNeill

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