The Tree that survived 9/11

One can only imagine the grim job that 9/11 workers had at Ground Zero, working day in and day out to clean up the wreckage of such devastation. And one can only imagine the surprise they must have felt when, a month into the job, they discovered a bit of life sticking out from the rubble—the charred remains of a Callery pear tree.

The tree was originally planted in the 1970s at the World Trade Center site and had been humming along for decades, providing shade to humans and habitat to wildlife both local and passing through.

But upon its discovery in the ruins, it had little more than a few leaves issuing from a single branch, with snapped roots and burned and broken boughs. Yet the battered tree was sent to Van Cortlandt Park for convalescence under the care of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Park workers say they weren’t sure the tree would make it, but the little tree that could, did. In the spring of 2002, she sprouted a riot of leaves; a dove made a nest in her boughs.

When Ronaldo Vega was hired as a special project manager in 2007, he remembered the story of the tree and went to the Bronx to find it. “I fell in love with her the second I saw her,” he recounts in the video below. “She was a fighter. We knew she was going to come back here.”

For the rest of the story, please click here and be sure to watch the video:

Fire Watch above 2500 ft in Monterey County for 9/9/23

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Friday September 8, 2023, 4:22 PMMonterey County Office of Emergency ServicesThis is an update of a previous messageAdvisory: Fire Watch for Monterey County Elevations Above 2500 Ft. in effect 9/9/23 from 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM | Vigilancia de Incendios para el …Dear Nixle User,National Weather Service has issued a Fire Watch for Monterey County elevations above 2500 Ft. effective Saturday 9/9/23 from 5:00am to 11:00pm. WHAT: Fire Watch due to possibility of dry lightning strikes. WHERE: All Monterey County elevations above 2500 Ft. WHEN: Sat. 9/9/23 from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm. IMPACTS: Possibility of dry lightning strikes that could start fires in elevations above 2500 Ft. NWS Info: *** El Servicio Meteorológico Nacional ha emitido una Vigilancia de Incendios para elevaciones del condado de Monterey superiores a 2500 pies. a partir del 9/9/23 de 5:00 a. m. a 11:00 p.m. QUÉ: Vigilancia de incendios debido a la posibilidad de que caigan rayos secos. DÓNDE: Todas las elevaciones del condado de Monterey por encima de los 2500 pies. CUÁNDO: Sábado 9/9/23 de 5:00 am a 11:00 pm. IMPACTOS: Posibilidad de caída de rayos secos que podrían provocar incendios en elevaciones superiores a los 2500 pies. NWS Info:
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Accessory Dwelling Unit plans offered free by county

Erik V. Lundquist, AICP, Director
1441 Schilling Place, South 2nd Floor Salinas, California 93901-4527
September 7, 2023
(831) 755-5025
County of Monterey Offers Free, Pre-Approved Standard Plans for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
In an effort to streamline the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) building process, The County of Monterey is excited to offer three (3) pre-designed ADU plans available to homeowners.
ADUs are a smaller, independent residential dwelling unit located on the same lot as a standalone single family home.
Our pre-designed ADU Standard Plans are free of charge and have been reviewed and stamped ‘Approved’ by the County of Monterey Building Division in compliance with the California Building Code. This means that these plans have been determined to meet the California Building Code requirements and use of the plans will not require structural engineering. It also means that use of these plans will save time and money when applying for a building permit because they will have already been reviewed and approved.
Please note these plans are:


ADUs present affordable additional housing for parents, grandparents, friends,
young people, or even long term rental income.

Portion of Coast Road closed to vehicles

Randell Ishii, MS, PE, TE, PTOE, Director 1441 Schilling Place, 2nd Floor
Salinas, California 93901-4527
September 1, 2023
(831) 755-4800

County of Monterey Temporary Road Closure of Portion of Coast Road
Repairs expected to be completed by end of 2023

The County of Monterey Public Works, Facilities and Parks is temporarily closing a portion of Coast Road due to dangerous conditions and is working on repair plans for the road. The impacted area is from MP 3.26 to MP 3.8. Type III barricades and Road Closed signs are now in place.

The road can still be used by bicyclists, hikers, and equestrian trail riders, including through the closure. However, the impacted area is closed to cars and trucks. Motorists who reach the closure will need to turn around to get access back to State Route 1.
This closure is anticipated to last through the coming weeks. Completed repairs should be done by the end of the year.
Figure 1. Location Map.

Coast Road (AKA: Old Coast Road) experienced a road slip out approximately 3.3 miles from its northern intersection with State Route 1.

The soils in the area of the slip out are not stable and adding to the danger, there is a redwood tree along the cutslope (hill) that is encroaching in the travel lane. From the edge of the tree to the edge of the erosion, there is approx. 8-ft, 10-inches of road width remaining. The downhill side is an approximately 12-ft drop into a creek. This is very narrow for any vehicle, car or truck. This reduced width could potentially be a concern for a motorist unfamiliar with the area.
Emergency responders are being notified of the closure and road dangers so that they can make arrangements. Once repair work is completed, this temporary road closure will be removed and the road reopened for the motoring public.

Figure 2. Photos of Compromised Location.

Big Sur Byways Organization

Hello all, 

Please see the attached agenda packet for the Big Sur Byway Organization meeting next Wednesday, September 6, 2023, at 10 a.m.

Please note that this will be a hybrid meeting; members are required to attend in person. Members of the public are welcome to attend either in person or remotely.


Carmel Highlands Fire Protection District

73 Fern Canyon Road

Carmel, CA 93923

Participate via Zoom Meeting Link:

Or by phone: 1-213-338-8477

Meeting ID: 990 6850 3452

Thank you,

image002.pngTaylor Price (he/him or they/them)Associate PlannerCounty of Monterey – Housing & Community Development1441 Schilling Place, South 2nd FloorO: (831)