Storm Watch, 3/4

7:00 pm – Just gorgeous day, today. Chilly, but beautiful. Drove down to Cambria, to overnight something to the court, stopping to take photographs along the way. Salmon Creek was going off! Not over the big, top rock (which is rare) but lots of water coming around both sides. While forecasters are leaving a chance of rain in, it may be over for a while. 

8:30 am – PJ Wyatt in a comment below, reported clear sailing from Rio Rd. to Esalen. Cal-Trans has HAD to be busy to make that happen!! Great work, everyone!

7:00 am – 1.25 inches yesterday afternoon and last night, for 5 inches since Sunday. Season total 32″. Despite no reported problems on CHP website, Luis reports, through Merrie, that the road closed sign is up at the mouth of the valley. (Rio Rd.) However, my friend at MAF reports the road IS open, and is heading into Monterey today! Beautiful blue skies this morning, and not a cloud in sight- well, a few fluffy ones on the horizon and to the north, but they are pretty, not threatening!

6:00 am – at this point, nothing reported on the CHP website. Warren Doyle reported a vehicle fire last night (early this morning?) on fb (no details, other than it was a BSVFB member’s vehicle), and I will post rain totals from last night soon.