Brush Fire near Toro Park

4:30 pm – nothing further, so looks like they got it.

3:30 pm -CHP reported about 5 minutes ago, a brush fire on 68 near Toro Park. Given all the houses across the street, and the importance of this corridor, I will predict they will be all over this puppy and have it well taken care of this afternoon. Not too hot today, winds calm. Perfect for early control. For those of you not familiar with the area, Highway 68 (corrected from 69, thanks, Ken) connects the Monterey Penninsula with the Salinas Valley. Ranch land still covers the southern side of the 2-lane (mostly) highway, with houses on the north side. Toro Park is on the south side.

And I was just writing a blog entry about how peaceful this Sunday afternoon had been. Well, it still is, here.