Two weeks from today – Jade Festival!

Count down has begun. Three days of fun, jade, food, and music so join us at noon on Friday, October 9th. It’s free — well entry is free. If you want food or jade, we’ll have vendors selling both. Stop in the first booth and say “hi.”

Also, a reminder that the fundraiser for Don Case is this Sunday at 6 pm at the HML. Come support a great effort!

One thought on “Two weeks from today – Jade Festival!

  1. Hooray!!! The Jade Festival is my favorite event of the entire year. The drive up from Santa Barbara, even as a marathon day trip, is well worth it – especially since I end up being grumpy for 11.9 months afterward if we don’t attend.

    Watch for two older, overweight people with a caramel-colored long-haired miniature dachshund on Friday. Can’t wait!

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