Loma Fire

I’ve been off line all day (and then my son wanted to talk for an hour, just as I found out about this fire), so haven’t been following this until now, but I understand it is around 600 acres and 20% contained, up near Madonna Summit. Even I take a day off from the computer.

loma fire
Photo by Dan Dawson Photography (click link for more photographs), used with permission.

Here is a video Loma Fire also by Dan Dawson and used with permission.

Also, there are many, many road closures in the area, so please be sure to check the CHP link to the right, if you are traveling in the area tonight or tomorrow.

Continuous breaking news can be found at: ksbw

Homes are evacuated in the area. One prison inmate firefighter was injured and helicoptered to safety, after twisting his ankle in very steep terrain. Cal-Fire knew if the fire came his way, he would never be able to get out in time.

This one is very close to the footprint of the Summit Fire of last year. One firefighter has stated that it cannot get much bigger, possibly due to the lack of fuel. We shall hope he is correct.

Nature Disturbed

I like the sound of the drums. Always have. The long tradition of the opening of our annual Jade Festivals is the sound of the drums — our drumming circle. But ALL day and ALL night, for part of three days and ALL of two nights, plus bass and amplifiers? Nah … that I don’t like.

Another rave party across the canyon … the second in two weeks and the third in two months. I’ve contacted the LEO of the USFS as well as the district ranger, and they are working on solving the problem. It is has moved beyond annoyance.

Living in the Wilderness, I expect to bring my dogs in every night before sunset, to guard against mountain lion attacks. I expect to deal with the loss of cats to owls, foxes, and coyotes. I expect to deal with hunters, trespassers, and illegal campfires. This obnoxious behavior I did not expect, and did not experience, until the last year or so. I will fight back and see that it is stopped.