Pitkin’s Curve Project

Per Cal-Trans, “This area is part of an historically active landslide. Repairs were required in 1998 after the El Nino storms of that year. In February 2000, a more massive slipout below the road resulted in complete closure of the roadway. Due to the magnitude of the slipout, previous strategies for reconstructing the roadway were no longer feasible. In order to found the road on a stable base, realignment into the hillside was required; the roadway remain closed for three months while the detour was constructed. This alignment continues in place as a temporary solution until feasibility of a long-term strategy is fully evaluated.”

Here are some Cal-Trans photos of the slip-out of 2000:

Feb. 2000 slip-out


New Road Surface

Aerial of Slide

Artist Rendering of Project

This shows the artists rendering of the eventual bridge over Pitkin’s Curve and the Rock Shed at Rain Rocks. Quite a project, but one those of us on the South Coast are glad to finally see, despite the interim inconvenience.

Here is the link to the flyer Cal-Trans put out four years ago about the project: Pitkin’s Curve/Rain Rocks flyer

All Cal-Trans photos used with permission provided by Steve Price! Thanks, Steve!!

Don’t forget to check out the May 2010 photos of the project here. You will see the construction of the 50 ft x 50 ft anchor for the south side of the bridge.