Laguna Seca races

Sorry, I haven’t been out and about, as Highway One becomes a motorcycle raceway with riders tempting death to catch them, if it can. The crotch rockets have ruled the road since Thursday. Thankfully, it will be over soon.

Each year, there are deaths on this highway due to the crazy behavior of the motorcyclists that come to witness the races at Laguna Seca. Every year, there are usually several. It is hard to travel on Highway One when this race is going on.

I had to run to Morro Bay, so I chose Thursday as the best possible day. I was wrong. I had to drive with utmost caution, keeping my eye on my side mirror for the group of motorcyclist who were racing and challenging each other to more and more dangerous driving behind me, getting set to pass me on a blind curve.

It is not fun to drive on Highway One when the Laguna Seca Motorcycle races are taking place.

Oh, and if you are out and about, and want to help, Surfrider is sponsoring a beach and trail clean-up today at Molera State Beach. They’ll have everything you need. Enjoy your day, whatever you are doing.