Dancing Flames

And now for something a bit different. I had the opportunity to go to Quartzite recently with my aunt and uncle. What an experience that is! The biggest convergence of RVs, old farts, flea market/gem show, and dumb asses. But lots of fun. My uncle would often build a fire in his portable fire pit between our 2 RVs. These were taken one night. Enjoy this psychedelic fire!

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RAIN on the way – Monday, it would appear.

8 thoughts on “Dancing Flames

  1. Really astounding, Kate. Some kind of outerspace flowers. And now I need to find out more about the uncle’s portable fire pit. You sprang from one interesting family.

  2. Probably like what we sell at our campground store, called “Mystical Fire.” Comes in a packet of granulated powder, a huge hit amongst most of our guests. Very nice photos Kate.

  3. what beauty, I’ve always wanted to go there, thanks for sharing your wonderful time there! JPM

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