A different kind of photo contest

Okay, time for a new header. I’ve decided on a different kind of contest. Everyone, even prior winners, can submit a photo to me, even if you have already submitted it before. Out of those, I will pick what I think are the top contenders and publish them. The ones I choose will be based on these factors: 1. Photo quality; 2.How well it both fits the size and look in the header constraints I have; 3. The uniqueness of the subject matter (must be shot in Big Sur); 4. How well it depicts Spring in Big Sur note this is the last, and least important factor). They must be submitted before 9 pm on the Ides of March, to me at kwnovoa@mac.com – email only. Once I post my choices for the top photos (how many will depend on how many satisfy the above factors), all readers will have a chance to comment on their favorite and provide the reason why. I will then choose the winner, considering the above factors as well as reader input. The winner will get a $50 gift certificate to the Big Sur business of their choice. (Rocky Point to Ragged Point) The winning photo will be given exposure until I decide to change it. Have fun, everyone! Remember the header constraints re size, which are posted at the end of the “Notices” sticky post on top. (760 pixels by 150 pixels)

Here are some samples in the correct size:

Some photos look good in this format, other really beautiful photos do not. It is easy to make your photo fit this format. In your photo program go to “crop” after choosing that, look for “constraints.” In the constraint menu, choose “custom” there you will type in 760 by 150 and crop it to size. In my iPhoto, I can move the crop over the part of the imagine I want included. Submit this “cropped” version to me for the contest. Good luck! Professional photographers, please feel free to put a watermark or copyright notice on your photograph. Since this contest, I will be the one choosing, it won’t be a problem for me, and will help protect your art.