Rocky Creek Viaduct web page

Cal Trans has established a web page devoted to this project. At the current time (I just checked it) it only has the artists rendering of how it will look when one is driving upon it. However, just today, Ken, the project manager, renewed his commitment to post all news releases and closure schedules on this page. I am posting a link here, but it will also “live” above in my permanent first post, called “Notices.”
Rocky Creek Viaduct Project
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Further, Cal-Trans is announcing this afternoon that the first overnight closure has been moved up a day to Sunday October 14th, starting at 9 pm. Unless notified otherwise, assume that this is the beginning of the Sunday through Thursday closures, and that these overnight closures will last the rest of the week, opening up for Friday and Saturday.

Also note, we may have our first rain come in tomorrow. Will probably be scattered and not much, but anything to settle the dust will be most welcomed. Will check on this and post more later.

And another note, yesterday afternoon and evening saw two fires. One north at Jack’s Peak, and one south at Pico, just north of San Simeon. Both contained rapidly.