I’m back, I think ..

I think I am back … I think. Bigsurdeb put up the last two posts for me, and I couldn’t even get online to see them!

It has been an interesting week – no Internet, no email for four days, no television reception. Damn, I should have thought of the radio! – that is, when I had power, as the batteries had expired. The first real storm of the season is always a wake-up call. What have I forgotten? D batteries, lamp oil, more critter food, replenish the winter meds. The usual.

I have felt so isolated from friends, news, and weather reports. All I knew is what was happening on my mountain, at that moment. Talk about being here now, as Ram Dass has said. Mother Nature was sending me gentle reminders – or maybe not so gentle. All this technology is great, but …

Sometimes, it is nice to enjoy the isolation – especially when there is no choice. Rock Knocker checked on me, before and after, and by phone in between. I got my weather reports from him. I had plenty of fire wood, more than enough food, although I ran out of a few of my favorite things – not necessities, just treats.

I have learned a lot, been reminded of more, and am ready to come out of the early 20th century into the 21st.

I am finally getting email again, and Internet (if this post makes it up) and as of this am, I had 150 emails to read, not counting the junk, which is filtered. So if you have asked me to post something – Big sur Health Clinic, BSVFB, Rocky Creek update, I noticed while I was scanning my in box, I should get to it tomorrow, if the technology goddess allows. If it is a personal email, I will try to get to those soon, as well. I hope this blip in my systems was only a temporary glitch.

BTW, I got a total of 3 and 1/2 inches for the series of storms. The most rainfall at one time was early Sunday morning, as in 2:00 am and beyond, for a total of 1 and 1/2 inches.

So lets hope I am posting again on a regular basis. So, now y’all know why I haven’t been around the cyber neighborhood.

3 thoughts on “I’m back, I think ..

  1. Yah ,,, me second that ,,, with a Norbest 18 lb gobbler in for turkey treats ,,, gosh , can my onboard oven , cook that big of a beast ?

  2. Darling Kate, welcome back, hope the 21st Century continues to go with the flow of mountaintops in Big Sur whereupon you nest. I have clicked on your follow and unfollow and follow again and again because I was in serious BSK withdrawl, thanks for the details. Have a spectacularly lovely Thanksgiving one and all. I’m heading for best friends in Cachagua.

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