Quartzite Adventure

Tomorrow morning at 8:00 am, I will be leaving this gawd-awful cold for the desert in Quartzite, AZ. When we finally arrive on Weds. It will be mid-60’s there, and up to 70 by Saturday. We went last year with my aunt and uncle (it was their 26th year) and are going with them again this year. It is one of the biggest gem and mineral shows in the world, one of the biggest RV shows, the biggest garage sale/flea markets ever … And the biggest gathering of old farts you ever did see. A tiny town of 2000 turns into a gathering of about one million. It is the old farts Burning Man.

The local pizza parlor/bar has TWO happy hours. One from 10-12 and another from 3-5. What Rock Knocker finally discovered last year, when I took him to Silly Al’s, is that Quartzite is absolutely packed with Vietnam Nam vets, like him. He hated it until I introduced him to Silly Al’s … Then the venue changed drastically for him. Now, he wouldn’t miss it. We have our reservations, the RV is stocked and ready to rock and roll, and we will be on the road soon. I’ll be taking all my gadgets, and might even post a few things from there, but my wonderful backup, bigsurdeb, will be keeping an eye on all things Big Sur for me, particularly the Partington Ridge road debacle, and will keep us all informed.

I have my caretaker all lined up to take are of the critters, enjoy my space, and make sure no one else does.

7 thoughts on “Quartzite Adventure

  1. have a great time, I’ve heard a lot about that area, what fun, we want a full report when you return!

  2. What a perfect time to say good-bye to the cold here in Big Sur Kate. Have the best time and so glad Big Sur Deb will be here to report happenings in our wonderful community. As I sit here a tad bit chilly in my sweet home, I realize that warm sun and higher temps sound so lovely right now. Enjoy and look forward to photos.
    Hugs, Pam

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