5 thoughts on “Rocky Creek Viaduct Photos

  1. Hi Kate, Thanks for all your posting and great updates. I am looking for any RECENT photos of the Pitkins Curve/Rain Rocks project. I can also check with Cal Trans, but thought I would ask since you have posted some in the past. I am fascinated by the engineering and would like to get some photos in one of my offices for constituents to see how their tax dollars are serving the public good/safety! Again, thanks for keeping us in the Big Sur loop. Warmly, Bill Monning

  2. I’m thinking it must be the best place on earth for outdoor contruction. Imagine coming to this with all Big Sur smells and sights and rock every day.

  3. Bill, I have a bunch, and I think some just last month. I’ll be coming through there on Sunday the 27th and can take new ones to send you. I woulD LOVE to have my photos featured in your office. I know a great spot to get some really good photos I can send.

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