Vegetation Fire near HML


Photo by Meredith Gafill from Nepenthe.

2:20 pm – fire contained. Woohoo! Thanks for that, Kimball.

I have very few details, but USFS fire department on scene and others on way. USFS reports power lines down. from scanner listener…just heard forest service dispatch units to a fire on hwy 1 at marker 44….B 12, Engs. 15, 16, 31,38, WT 4, crews 3 & 7, PT 7 & 12, C 527 an 528

6 thoughts on “Vegetation Fire near HML

  1. Awesome response from all involved. From the vantage point of The Phoenix, we were able to watch the entirety of the events unfold. Makes me appreciate the fragility of the environment we all live in and the men and women tasked as its stewards. A big thanks to all involved.

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