Happy Thanksving and Updates

I have a beautiful Thanksgiving photo from Dan I have been trying to upload for over 24 hours, and will continue to try between cooking. Got the turkey in at 9 am, my target time!

WEATHER UPDATE: looks like little or no rain today. It is all expected to stay of the coast.

AIRLIFT PATIENT UPDATE: he was transferred to Stanford ICU, where he stayed until Monday evening. I went to see him on Tuesday. He had some lucid moments, and some very confused moments. He was on a feeding tube. They ran a CAT Scan that day, and everything appeared normal. I called him last night and had a normal, lucid conversation with him. The feeding tube had been removed. There was one funny moment when I said, I’ll call you tomorrow, and he parroted that back, and added, if someone reminds me. It is hard to focus in here, it is just so busy! I laughed and said no need to remember, I’ll call you!

I am having a very thankful Thanksgiving. I hope you do as well. Life is too short for anything else!

~ by bigsurkate on November 28, 2013.

One Response to “Happy Thanksving and Updates”

  1. Hoping you can manage to upload Dan’s image. Looking forward to it. If not, that header shot is simply marvelous!


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