Pfeiffer Fire Photos


The above photo is also by Jeff Mallory. The photo credits on the ones below are FUBAR. Nighttime ones are by Jeff Mallory, daytime, by Howard Jones, except the top four by Stan, and the one by Jeff of the helicopter and Cal Fire truck. And then there is the one of MK’s house, if I ever get it up! Sorry, it has been crazy today!

These four photos are by Stan Russel, Big Sur Chamber of Commerce.


This photo is by Jeff Mallory taken by his front gate.

The following are by Howard Jones.
The following are from Jeff Mallory from early this am.


6 thoughts on “Pfeiffer Fire Photos

  1. Kate, thanks for your service. I’m sure you will put out the word if there is anything we can do to help. Our hearts go out to our many friends and acquaintances who are facing such devastation.

  2. From another website I learned that the shot of the burnt structure is what’s left of Martha’s home. I can’t help but feel for her loss.

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