Pfeiffer Fire, Day 4 – a local’s perspective

7:00 am – I did not hit the bottom of my dirt road until after dark. I had wanted to get there before, but it just wasn’t in the realm of possibilities. When the fog swirls in the dark wind, bouncing off headlights, it can be treacherous. It was last night. What normally takes 45 minutes, took twice that. Visibility was down to zero in places. The damp fog still covers this ridge top this morning. I hope Pfeiffer has the same thing. The winds maxed out at 35 mph shortly before 6 am. They have completely calmed now, an hour later. I pray that the containment lines at the Pfeiffer Fire held, and containment is still at 74% this morning. I will check in with others and report back what I discover.

9 thoughts on “Pfeiffer Fire, Day 4 – a local’s perspective

  1. Kate
    Im worried about you.Just thinking about you.
    Be careful out there in the wild wild west.
    sorry I missed you when I was in town.
    Love always, Teddy the hang glider dude

  2. Glad you got home safe and so thankful for your reporting… has given me information as I watch this all take place from Marin/Sonoma praying for my home on Middle Ridge and for the loss of homes on Pfeiffer……such a heartbreak….sending prayers to my Big Sur Community!

  3. Kate, I wanted to wait until things calmed down a bit to thank you. Your blog has been a tremendous resource for us in North Carolina. My brother Jacob and SIL Fiona live in Big Sur on Clear Ridge (up the hill from the River Inn). You worked tirelessly to report what was going on there. Throughout most of this ordeal, your coverage was better than the news. It helped us to rest a liike easier because we had a better idea of what was going on. We visited Big Sur in April for their wedding. We all loved your community so much. We were welcomed instantly by you all. It breaks our hearts that some of you have suffer such great losses. I hope you all can begin to heal and move on. Thank you so very much for doing what you do.

  4. Thank you, Meg. I am grateful to be of service to the Big Sur community … Near and far. I am well aware that for most people, once they have been here, their heart belongs here, no matter where they may actually reside. Former Big Surians who now live in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Singapore, Switzerland, and other corners of the globe are still part of this place and feel more connected than ever, due to social media and the Internet. I am blessed to be part of this.

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