4 thoughts on “Thank You Firefighters!

  1. Is this called “Inter Agency Co-operation” ? We certainly are very happy that we got help from afar .

    Is it a bit possible that Mnty Co sheriff’s were more humane in their law enforcement on this fire , verses the Basin Fire ?

    I really liked that Susanne’s part 1 , 2 , & 3 , utube video , interview with Don and Mieke , on the Basin Fire , as it, can go down as a part of Big Sur History . T Y , Ross !

    What Joy , this one is over ,,,, Phew ,,, and soooo v sorry for the losses .

    Hoping this winter rains are soft , for the new growth , and re-building ,,, and mud slides are small .

    With Love , from Singapore ,,, Douglas .

  2. Thank you, Kate for posting our sign. Thanks again and best wishes to all who fought the fire.

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