The shortest day of the year for the northern hemisphere, and I for one, am REALLY glad to see the days start to get longer tomorrow. I’m taking the day off!

~ by bigsurkate on December 21, 2013.

7 Responses to “HAPPY SOLSTICE!”

  1. Here’s to longer days!


  2. You’ve earned a day off Kate, & what better day than the Winter Solstice!


  3. Happy Solstice to Everyone,
    It seems like for many of us the worst is over. As the days grow longer with light, the job of rebuilding and finding a way to breathe again soon begins for some of our neighbors; godspeed and may the angels of good fortune smile upon you once again.
    The trucks and cars will slowly be unpacked, treasures returned to the still standing homes, the brush piles looked upon with wonder. A grateful community will soon wave wearily to the last fire crews and emergency personnel and to the gaggle of reporters that accompany them.
    I imagine that the community has once again drawn together in a crisis and probably wish that the openness, love and cooperation prevailed throughout the year.
    My family and I have been far away for this one, anxiously following every possible lead, hungry for information, worried and nervous while sending love and hope to all of our friends and neighbors.
    To all of you that were present: our undying gratitude.
    Happy Holidays,
    Francis, Michele, Remi, Benoit


  4. Big Sur Kate, and anyone else looking for some Solstice music, you’re cordially invited to my blogcasa for an ear feast. Good Yule Tidings to all. Thank you for all you do, BSK.


  5. Cowabonga.


  6. Light; and more light.


  7. Happy Winter Solstice Kate, hope you can now enjoy your holidays as we begin the assessment and continue to expand our hearts for our beloved community. I continue to feel so many blessings that did occur out of this devastation. Thank you for all you do. It is noted. Hugs.


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