Meetings today re Pfeiffer Fire recovery

There will be an important meeting at the Big Sur Multi Agency Facility on Thursday, December 26th at 11:30 AM.

This meeting, which will be held after the 10:30 AM Public Meeting, is restricted to people who were directly impacted by the Fire on Pfeiffer Ridge and other invited, non-Agency personnel. This means if you are either a Property Owner or Renter who suffered losses (your housing or other real property burned), this meeting is geared toward helping you with your immediate and long term needs.

Available at this meeting will be a needs assessment form to fill out (a prerequisite for receiving grant funds for rebuilding from Fire Relief Funds) and an update on the steps towards getting the fire debris removed, and getting you back on your property. Some of the services that will make a big difference in getting your lives back to normal include free site cleanup, free sanitary facilities on your property, no permit fees and expedited plan check review from Monterey County Planning and Building. Additionally, arrangements are being made to get your important documents (Ca. Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, etc.) re-created on some future date, to be determined, at a venue here in Big Sur.

At this meeting there will be a brief report on the steps and the players involved in preparing for the potential of post fire erosion and debris flows.

We have asked folks who were impacted by the Basin Complex Fire to attend this meeting to share their wisdom about what worked and what didn’t, in an effort to save you from some of the pitfalls that may arise, as you start to recover and rebuild.

Butch Kronlund

2 thoughts on “Meetings today re Pfeiffer Fire recovery

  1. How thoughtful and kind, those words are a comfort. I hope someone writes out the post-disaster experiences of the people of Big Sur because I believe a really unique response is laid out here and should be witnessed by all the world.

  2. Gee Whiz , I heartedly agree with Holycowgirl, and what a welcome change in the governing powers ! Bravo , everyone .

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