Kate & Rose’s Adventure

Bigsurkate is going on vacation, but Two friends will be keeping an eye on things. Debbie will be watching and posting all things Big Sur. Mike will be watching and posting all things fire-related. Mike has been following my blog since day one, and is the ONLY person I know, friends and family included, who has read every single post for the past 6 years – and that’s a lot! Mike is a retired Cal Fire Captain. He has been my go-to source since the 2008 fires. Mike was in Fresno when we first met, but has now joined us here in Mo Co. Mike has also graciously agreed to cover my Foto Fridays for the next four weeks.

If you need to post an event /benefit while I am gone, send to reedbigsur@gmail.com If you want to notify us of any fire-related issues, cc: mikeswebmail@gmail.com

I will be out of internet range most of my trip.


Kenya Tanzania, Zanzibar, here we come!

~ by bigsurkate on May 15, 2014.

8 Responses to “Kate & Rose’s Adventure”

  1. Have fun Kate and Rose!


  2. Make that reedbigsur@gmail. Thanks.


  3. Have a fabulous adventure!


  4. Happy Trails Kate—


  5. Bon Voyage! Can’t wait to see the pictures and hear about the adventures.


  6. Bon voyage, deux cher. Have an absolutely excellent time of it.
    Remember big things with thick hides & tusks have bad eyesight and zero anger management skills. And kitties with teeth and claws are frequently hungry. And all of them can outrun Mazarratis. Well, VW’s anyway. (Learn ‘STOP!’ and ‘I am not good lunch meat!’ in Swahili. Also, How do I contact the bail-bondsman?). Keep a sharp eye. Love every minute.


  7. Oh wow! What an adventure you have in store. Can’t wait to see and hear about it when you’re back.


  8. You always make me laugh. Thnx, Barbara. I apologize for not getting to stop by … Time got away from me.



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