4 thoughts on “Foto Friday

  1. Absolutely beautiful photographs. What a place we’re in. The Pacific Grove…that tree! and observant cat, a perfect surprise. The stunning sunset, the dogs on the beach with their human, makes me realize that people here know how unique it is, hold back on interfering with the gorgeousness. Though probably not the only town in the world to let a tree grow so magnificently instead of chopping into conventional form, it is typical of the feeling for beauty the central coast embraces. Your work is really wonderful.

  2. Thank you Holycowgirl! The dogs and their people on the beach made that image. The kitty cat posed for me and I thanked her. I look forward to next week. Kate returns and I have one more opportunity to show off a bit.

  3. I’m going to look for that tree and maybe the cat will appear too!
    Beautiful photos. Everything about the sunset is gorgeous, the colors, the light vs. dark, the movement. Nice….

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