Africa: the endless place

I am in love with Africa, as I am in love with Big Sur … Differently, but with the same passion. It is big. It is beautiful. It is like no other. It is raw. It is life and death itself.

My trip is almost at an end, and I will be back in my beloved Sur this Friday. I miss my fur kids, my own bed, my view, but am so very grateful I got to experience even just a bit of this great place.

Little bee eater
gray-crowned kingfisher

Giraffe and Kilimanjaro
Giraffe and Kilimanjaro

9 thoughts on “Africa: the endless place

  1. How stunning, Kate, how stunning. The size of things, I think it sets humans to thinking they can be larger than they have tried, the heart leaping out into expanses like your beecatcher of exquisite colors against open skies, like the giraffe equal to Kilimanjaro and the fearless hippo. I don’t know that it’s true but above all the sense of knowing who they are is what I see, all these witnesses to Kate, and how enviable such certainty is. Can’t wait to hear more from you, it sounds totally moving and revolutionary, your meeting Africa. Hurrah for all of it!

  2. Amazing Kate. Sounds like your perspective has changed deeply forever. These photos have me want to adventure there as well. Enjoy your last day before you come home to your furries.

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