15 thoughts on “Foto Friday

  1. Hi Kate: either one is fine by me, is it possible to do a bit of each?

  2. For all you do for us, I think your loyal audience should indulge you and let you choose!

  3. Africa 1st as I agree it is special to get a glimpse of your African Safari followed by your love of Big Sur please Kate. All your photos are a joy.

  4. Big Sur Kate! It’s not African Kate right? Joined because of my interest in Big Sur not Africa. But if you want to show your picks I’m sure they’re wonderful how about both then!

  5. Since I live in Big Sur and don’t know when I’ll get to Africa, I vote for Africa!
    Dianne Yost: are you related to the Yosts who lived on the south coast of Big Sur long ago?

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