Foto Friday

Okay, the vote was mixed, some preferred Africa, others preferred Big Sur, and many wanted both. You all win! I’ll be posting both for a while!





Well, shoot. I was as surprised as you are that Foto Friday comes on a Thursday this week. Silly blog. Guess I am taking Friday off. Going to the Big Sur Multiagency Advisory Council Meeting tomorrow, the real Friday!

~ by bigsurkate on June 26, 2014.

9 Responses to “Foto Friday”

  1. Oh Kate! What a treat! And how compatable they are with each other, your Big Sur and your Africa. At some point in decades past I decided (after leaving Brooklyn) not to live near large things which could pounce on you unawares and shred you into a small gellatinous pool. On the other hand, I see the roaring, trumpeting, vibrant life you were so thrillingly close to. It makes me want to go there, too.


  2. 4 winners. t-y.


  3. What an utterly lovely mix. Africa must have been incredible, a pretty radical change from Big Sur, too, I imagine. Can’t wait to see more!


  4. Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing both Big Sur and Africa with us, Kate!


  5. I think this is a great idea, we all won and they are all wonderful!


  6. Oh Wow! Brilliant, all four.


  7. What a treat, thank you!


  8. Wow! that one of the Big Sur sunset with the pine in the glow of the sunset is exceptional, as is the one of wild flowers & their vibrant colors.


  9. Thanks Lisa.



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