Foto Friday

Okay, the vote was mixed, some preferred Africa, others preferred Big Sur, and many wanted both. You all win! I’ll be posting both for a while!





Well, shoot. I was as surprised as you are that Foto Friday comes on a Thursday this week. Silly blog. Guess I am taking Friday off. Going to the Big Sur Multiagency Advisory Council Meeting tomorrow, the real Friday!

9 thoughts on “Foto Friday

  1. Oh Kate! What a treat! And how compatable they are with each other, your Big Sur and your Africa. At some point in decades past I decided (after leaving Brooklyn) not to live near large things which could pounce on you unawares and shred you into a small gellatinous pool. On the other hand, I see the roaring, trumpeting, vibrant life you were so thrillingly close to. It makes me want to go there, too.

  2. What an utterly lovely mix. Africa must have been incredible, a pretty radical change from Big Sur, too, I imagine. Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing both Big Sur and Africa with us, Kate!

  4. I think this is a great idea, we all won and they are all wonderful!

  5. Wow! that one of the Big Sur sunset with the pine in the glow of the sunset is exceptional, as is the one of wild flowers & their vibrant colors.

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