11 thoughts on “Easter Eve

  1. You should be sitting there with a glass of sauvignon bkanc

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  2. Beautiful, breathtaking view, indeed! Thanks for sharing, Kate. And you, too, holgerhubbs! I miss those days of clubbing during the soul music ere. Wonder what ever happened to Freddy & the Henchies who entertained me in my college years in Boulder, CO. They were the closest I got to hearing live Temptations tunes and were just as dynamic.

  3. My God, that view!!! Must be in mill Creek canyon cause I think that is ‘twin peak’, cone peaks neighbor… I could spend my life gaping at that view!!!!!

  4. That is twin peak, and cone peak is out of view to the right. I am south of Prewitt Ridge, actually, so no, not Mill Creek. And I get to gaze on that as I study and watch the fire and blog about it … For the rest of my life,.

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