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Fire Safe Council Recommends Reducing Vegetation Now (I started the weed eating process just a few days ago … Takes a while)

To Help Avoid Catastrophic Wildfires This Summer

The rainy season is coming to a close on the Central Coast, but recent rains have helped sprout denser-than-usual grass, weeds and brush, which can serve as volatile fuel for dangerous wildfires.

The Fire Safe Council For Monterey County is advising that residents and businesses maintain defensible space around their homes and buildings to help protect lives and property from wildfires.

Now is the time to reduce vegetation around structures, before the days get drier and warmer, and the summer wildfire season arrives. By preparing early this spring, it can make a huge difference in the event of a fire in the summer months.

California law (PRC 4291) generally requires owners and lessees of structures located in areas subject to wildfires to reduce vegetation within 100 feet of the structures.

This area of reduced vegetation around structures is part of what is called “defensible space,” which also includes areas along emergency access routes and other places where vegetation should be reduced to help protect lives and preserve the environment.

You can download CAL FIRE’s Guidelines For Creating Defensible Space by clicking here: Guidelines

CAL FIRE encourages communities to create community-wide defensible space. The Fire Safe Council For Monterey County can help residents accomplish that goal by providing assistance with grant applications to obtain funds to help make the community more fire safe.

The council can act as a “fiscal sponsor” for a fuel reduction grant by receiving and administering grant funds for home owner associations and groups of neighbors. This makes it possible for groups that are not incorporated as tax-exempt organizations to apply for and receive grants.

You can download the council’s new tri-fold brochure by clicking here: Brochure

For more information on creating defensible space or help obtaining grants, contact the Fire Safe Council at any of the following:

2221 Garden Road, Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 333-2600 (Office)
(831) 333-2660 (Fax)

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