Satellite update

Finally have scheduled a service call for Tuesday between 11-2. Cell has been very unreliable, so until Tuesday, enforced internet withdrawals. Frankly, I needed this.

BTW, 50 acre wildfire on FHL, but reported in the “flat part’ (aka Stoney Valley?) so probably not a threat. I’ll find a way to report if necessary.

~ by bigsurkate on May 22, 2016.

3 Responses to “Satellite update”

  1. Kate: Does anyone use their CB radios up there anymore?


  2. I have two on the shelf I need to get back on line. Need a Mike for one and an antenna for either. Oh, dear, I see a 300 acre fire east of Soledad. Better get it on while my cell internet is working.



  3. Had three service calls scheduled this past week. One cancelled, one was a no-show, and finally on Friday a guy drove all the way from Vallejo! But it is fixed. It WAS hit by the trespasser, as I suspected.


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