Mud Creek/Pyramid Rock Photos

From Susana Cruz:
You have been seeing the “Pyramid Rock/Pyramid Island” pictures since the massive event on May 20th this year at Mud Creek when boulders, including Pyramid Rock, came rolling down the hillside along with the five million cubic yards of material, forming part of the 15 acres of new coastline. It acquired its name for obvious reasons…it stood near the toe, looking like a small pyramid.

In the past several weeks, erosion and strong ocean activity have cleared much of the sediment and had left it standing…thus acquiring the name of pyramid island.

Well, attached you’ll find a “before” picture from Monday, Nov. 13 and an “after” picture from Tuesday, Nov. 14 when the ocean/mother nature decided to do a number on this rock.

I found it too amazing not to share, especially since my next update won’t be until Monday, Nov. 27.



This is the “before” …


And this is the “after” … lots of differences in one day!!!