Break-ins, 2/3/18

Dear Community ,
On Sunday night 4 cars were broken into at the bottom of Partington Ridge. My Truck was one of them. They popped the back of my camper shell open. I had all my Fire,Rescue, Dog and Sheriff SAR gear in boxes in the back of my camper shell. They took a red backpack with gear and most importantly all of my uniforms from 3 different departments that I work and volunteer for. When I think about it, I can’t believe this is happening in our community. Then when I think bigger , I guess its our world.

I want to let these people know it is a FEDERAL offense to have uniforms from Law ,medical or fire that do not belong to them. I would like people far and wide to keep their eyes open for someone using my uniforms from Monterey Country Sheriff SAR , Monterey Bay Search dogs, and Big Sur fire.

If you know anything about the break ins at the bottom of Partington Ridge or anything about my gear or uniforms please call Monterey county Sheriff department.

Thank you and stay safe,
Jeannie Alexander