Storm Report, 3/1/18

7:00 pm – Chalk Peak leads the county with almost 8” and it still continues.

This is The Chimney – looks like it may go tonight. (Cell internet not fast enough to upload). Sorry.

12:30pm – “A mandatory evacuation order has been given. If it is necessary, US 101 will be closed at approximately 2:00 AM, Friday morning for public safety. We will constantly monitor the situation and open the freeway as soon as possible.”

11 am – First, I am without satellite internet since last night, so reporting is difficult. Second, there have already been reports of boulders (Hurricane Point), trees down (Point Lobos/Highlands?)and just now, Mandatory Evacuations in the SB Co burn scars areas.

Do not be on the roads unless you have to, and if you are, pay very close attention to your surroundings and any warnings re hazardous conditions. Up here, it rained cats and dogs from about 4 am until 10 or so. Somewhere between 2-3”, I am guessing. I’ll check later. Winds have been howling since the front passed through. Be safe.


6 thoughts on “Storm Report, 3/1/18

  1. All this rain and still no water seen flowing on the surface for local creeks, argh! – so, disappointing here.

  2. Only a fat 2 1/2″ down here at the SLO county line. More please!
    Very pleased that it’s been coming down slowly enough to soak in , so as to recharge the groundwater and give the trees some chance to make it through the summer.
    The abrupt deluges rip the topsoil off the hillsides and scour out the creekbeds.

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