Highway One Closed, 3/13/18

As of 2 pm, Highway 1 to remain closed this afternoon and overnight. Will be reassessed in the am.

I have it on good authority that when the material was cleared a very large hole in the road that must be repaired. Of course, it hasn’t stopped raining today at all.

Cal Trans announced: Highway One is closed. THE SLIDE IS AT THE CHIMNEY, JUST SOUTH OF LIMEKILN – both lanes. There is no ETA on when it will open. Will post when I know more.

Photo Credit: Grace Lutz. While it doesn’t look bad, and looks like it would be easy to open one lane, it is still moving, and rain is predicted for the next 10 days. They could open it only to have it slam shut 1/2 hour (or less) later. Note that Cal Trans is not going UNDER this slide area. Too dangerous right now.


4 thoughts on “Highway One Closed, 3/13/18

  1. I was there a little after 8 this morning. Cal trans person said that they would have it open this afternoon….we will see!

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