Highway One – Rocks, 3/20/18

From CHP (I am a little late, I was having dinner with my son):

cident: 00311 Type: Traffic Hazard Location: 3800 Mm1 Loc Desc: NB and SB SR1 JNO MPM 38 Lat/Lon: 36.177113 -121.697245
Detail Information
6:16 PM 3 [5] 1039 DIST 5
6:15 PM 2 [4] BTWN NB and SB LANE
6:15 PM 1 [1] LARGE ROCKS 1125 SR1

MileMarker 38 is right new Partinton Point.

~ by bigsurkate on March 20, 2018.

2 Responses to “Highway One – Rocks, 3/20/18”

  1. Nothing serious, few soccer ball sized rocks. I threw them out of the roadway. While doing so, I was asked by 5 different tourists how to get over to the 101, all heading South. One person asked if they could drive over “Plaskett Point”…


  2. That’s funny. Did you tell them only if they want to incur the wrath of a crazy old lady?



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