Storm Report, 3/22/18

7 am – In the last 24 hours, Three Peaks in southern Big Sur got over 5 and 1/2 “, and Rocky Butte in Northern SLO Co (southern Santa Lucia’s back behind Hearst Castle) got over 7”. And down there in that general area, is Mud Creek. Hard to know what kind of mess that is, and it isn’t over, yet. The atmospheric river is predicted to continue “hosing” this area throughout the day.

The good news is that Santa Barbara has not been hit as hard as SLO CO. Let’s hope that keeps up today. Be safe, out there.

~ by bigsurkate on March 22, 2018.

8 Responses to “Storm Report, 3/22/18”

  1. Just checked the rain gauge this AM . 4.7 inches overnight ! That’s on top of 1.7 from the rain on Tues-Wed. And we’re only at 2000′ Came thru Paul’s yesterday at 2PM and it did not look good.Cal Trans was actively keeping it open but I’m waiting to see what it looks like this AM


  2. Thx for the report, lyndsay



  3. 2.5 in. For previous 24 hrs. 1.48 for 24 hrs ending yesterday at 8 am. At Rat creek, elev. 125 ft.


  4. 4.72″ on Gorda mountain (24hr total @ 8am) whoop whoop!


  5. CVV has had a long night of rain too, no totals for ya..

    SLO: “Rockslide cleared, Santa Rosa Creek Road open east of Cambria”

    CT should be updating within the next half hour…


  6. Yes, but now Paul’s Slide is Closed.


  7. PV School has 3.3″ but that’s from yesterday and today. Our place on Willow overflowed at 5″ overnight and we’re guessing it was really 6″. Every time I woke up it was raining!


  8. Whoa!


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