River Rescue – Arroyo Seco

Helicopter Hoist Rescue at Arroyo Seco River 03/25/2018

At approximately 1705 on Sunday March 25, 2018 Greenfield Fire Protection District, City of Soledad Fire Department and CAL FIRE responded to a report of a truck in the middle of the Arroyo Seco River with two persons trapped in the bed of the truck. This was reported to be in the area of Arroyo Seco Rd and Cedar Ave. The water was approximately 4 feet deep and flowing at a fast pace. First arriving fire resources determined that a helicopter was needed for the rescue.

CAL FIRE Copter 406, from Bear Valley Helitack Base, arrived at scene, assessed the situation from the air, accepted the rescue and rigged the helicopter for a hoist rescue. This technical exercise requires specialized rescue skills that the staff of Copter 406 train for regularly. A firefighter was lowered by mechanical hoist from the helicopter and rigged the victims to be lifted from the pickup. The successful rescue took approximately 15 minutes from arrival of the helicopter. Victims were flown to the shore assessed for injuries and released.

Soledad FD partners in a cooperative agreement with CAL FIRE for fire services. Soledad FD staffs one engine in the city 24/7 with two firefighters.

Who:​​Soledad FD/CAL FIRE/ Greenfield Fire
What:​​Helicopter Hoist Rescue
When:​​March 25th 2018 at approximately 1705
Where:​​Arroyo Seco River, Soledad (Monterey County)


6 thoughts on “River Rescue – Arroyo Seco

  1. Good rescue, but how on earth did the truck get where it was? I think the answer is, Don’t ask!
    What’s the latest on slides in Big Sur? Any new photos?
    Thanks for the good work, Kate.

  2. “Trapped in the bed of a pick-up”? Oh please. That’s like trapped in a bath tub without a life-jacket. How about swimming for five meters? And how did the truck get in the river? Not trying to ford it I suppose. Good that rescue units got some practice but here they would also get a bill for the costs involved…

  3. What good are these big trucks if they can’t drive through water?
    Stupid truck!

  4. I’m shaking my head trying to figure out how they ended up on the middle of the river!!!

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