Tourist Tuesday, 7/3/18

The Next Trend In Travel Is… Don’t.

Tourism can destroy environments and drive out local residents. It’s time to rethink the purpose of travel.

So says See a couple of excerpts from the article below.


Bali is in the midst of an ecological crisis. Half of the Indonesian island’s rivers have dried up. Its beaches are eroding. In 2017, officials declared a “garbage emergency” across a six-kilometer stretch of Bali’s coast. At the peak of the clean-up, hundreds of cleaners removed 100 tons of debris from the beaches each day.

The cause? Too many tourists — who just keep coming. This year, the Indonesian tourism ministry hopes Bali attracts 7 million foreign tourists, to an island of only 4 million residents.

“Do we want more tourists? Maybe no,” said Balinese community activist Viebeke Lengkong last year. “It is a question of what kind of services we can actually provide for millions of tourists. Bali is in the middle of a water crisis. Bali is drying up.”

It’s reaching a breaking point. “The last time I went, I swore never again,” a friend recently told me, horrified by the number of people and amount of trash he saw. On his next vacation, he visited a small, relatively unknown island off Bali’s coast, thinking it would be quieter. It wasn’t. Tourists arrived by the boatload on the small island’s shores.


When tourism dominates an economy, some governments prioritize tourists over their own citizens. Around the world, people are evicted from their homes to make way for tourism developments. Last year in Tanzania, an estimated 185 Maasai homes were burned down by authorities that operate hunting tours, leaving 6,800 people homeless. So-called “ethical travel” doesn’t necessarily provide a solution; it’s been argued ecotourism in Tanzania contributes to the problem, as tourism dollars provide an incentive to turn Maasai pastures into safari grounds.


For the rest of this article see:

Next week, I will start to write about Managing this world-wide Destination Place we call Big Sur. We all know what the problems are, not just here, but world-wide. Is it to late? Is there anything we can do? Stay tuned…


~ by bigsurkate on July 3, 2018.

4 Responses to “Tourist Tuesday, 7/3/18”

  1. Did you see that Steve Benoit received an award for his volunteer service for the forest service!?! I think it’s in the Herald?

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  2. Kate, AI and VR tours ready for takeoff – it’s a lot cheaper than taking a trip into space..


  3. Thank you for taking the lead in bringing the threat to the world. Big Sur is under threat by vandalism, over visited by undisciplined tourists.
    Open toilets seems the standard behavior of the short term visitor.’urgent action is needed to have crowd controls. Chamber of Commerce should take the lead in redirecting their global communications.
    The National Parks must install visiting permits tied to crowd capacity and bathroom controls.
    Entrance to Wilderness, including Ventana needs a complete overhaul to secure safety and protection for dirty vandalism.
    Please wake up America before it has. been destroyed!

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  4. “When tourism dominates an economy, some governments prioritize tourists over their own citizens. Around the world, people are evicted from their homes to make way for tourism developments.”

    Sounds also like a certain, central coast city which is battling short term rentals!


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