Rio Rd. construction update

It is almost done! 7/16 is the opening date.

July 6, 2018

Highway 1 Climbing Lane Project Update for Week of July 9th

Work crews will have regular daytime work hours this week: 7:30 to 3:30 p.m. New this week:

      • Caltrans will be modifying the county signal on Rio Road for east/westbound traffic
      • Construction crews will be placing concrete for sidewalks and gutters onboth sides of Highway 1
      • Commuters will see crews paving Rio Road Thursday and preparing to shiftto Stage 2, the final stage of this project, next week. You can see a graphicof what will be done during

Looking ahead, locals will be happy to know that on July 16th, Rio Road will be completely open for traffic, the cement barriers will be removed.

Barriers will also shift on Highway 1 so that drivers will be able to use newlypaved roadway.

Good news about the “No Parking” signs which have been placed near theentrance of Point Lobos.  Drivers appear to be heeding the signs.

CHP is enforcing.

Remember – business and shopping centers near the constructionarea are open! For easier access, drivers can detour to CarmelValley Road  and Carmel Rancho Boulevard until Rio Road us fullyopen.

For more information, or to sign up for project updates, contact ChristinePoe at or (831) 755-5025 or Grant Leonard at or (831) 775-4402.


7 thoughts on “Rio Rd. construction update

  1. I welcome a professional review of that lights timing. Last week we spent 20 minutes going two blocks westbound from the P.O. and watching traffic from crossroads fill up space in front of during each of over a dozen light cycles. This week we were regaled for ten minutes watching 4 cops “directing” traffic by waving their arms and contradicting each other and the signals. Don’t know which is worse.


  2. Err, I don’t think so – July 16th is when they switch traffic to the new pavement and start working on the old pavement on 1 (i.e., stage 2) – looks like it’s still the end of August before it’s actually “done”.

    A lot will depend on how they (re)time the temporary lights at Rio while they work on the west bound lanes of 1

  3. Just spent 24 minutes westbound between Carmel Rancho Blvd and Hwy 1 on Rio Road. Cross traffic is jamming the intersections in hopes of being invisible while crowding in to full lanes barely moving. Directional signs painted on the pavement do little good when the logjams cover them completely. A lot of dyslexic people out today, not recognizing directional instructions which occur only on the sidewalk sides of the road, causing traffic trying to cross the highway and continue on into Carmel to slam on their brakes for drivers in the right-turn lane [northbound Hwy 1] who also want to go straight ahead from the right-turn lane. See reference to poorly placed, poorly worded signage above.

    I’m staying home in the Mid-Valley for the weekend!

  4. Kate, how does your 360* view look this evening from your peak?

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