Hidden Fire – San Benito Co.

There is a new fire in San Benito County that is 50 acres and traveling in a SW direction reported by BEU (MoCo and SanBenCo CalFire) Here is the approximate location. I will be watching this throughout the day, given the high temps with no cool down at night. It was 92 here last night at 9:30 pm.


There is also a nightmare of a fire that started this afternoon in SoCal that is spreading rapidly and has closed roads and caused the evacuation of Idyllwild. The IC asked for 10 airtankers. He is getting 1 LAT and one VLAT (914). I mention this because it will be drawing down resources, as this one will go extended based on what I am reading.

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  1. Michael Troutman has a great link to the coverage of the So Cal Fire. So scary.

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